Cassian Baliarsingh

A kind-hearted man has been winning hearts online after he treated a few street kids with a delicious dinner in a 5-star hotel. The man has been identified as Kawaljeet Singh.

The incident occurred while Kawaljeet was going by his car when a bunch of street kids on the road ran to clean his car in traffic. Seeing their condition, Kawaljeet decided to give them a ride in his car and later took them to a luxurious hotel for dinner.

Much to the surprise of the little boys, Kawaljeet treated them with delicious food and drinks. The kids were super happy with the treat and the video of the incident has been going viral on social media. Since being shared online, the video has already garnered over 52 million likes on Instagram.

Kawaljeet shared his story and wrote, “Stuck at a traffic light, kids were cleaning cars for food money near a 5 star hotel. Instead of just giving money, I invited them into my car. Their eyes widened as we ended up at the same five-star hotel for dinner - a first for them.”

“Seated together, their happiness was real, and it got to me. Seeing them enjoy the fancy meal was touching. They kept thanking me a hundred times, and it made the whole experience deeply emotional. I felt grateful for being able to create such unexpected, heartwarming moments. Life’s beauty lies not just in personal victories but in sharing and making dreams come true for others.”

Netizens took to the comment section and heaped praises on Kawaljeet for his kindness and for proving that humanity is still alive.

“Immense respect for this guy 🙌” commented a user while another wrote, “Sade Punjabi veer dil daar hunde aa❤️❤️”

Another user wrote, “Dil khus kar dita veer ji🙌god bless you.”

A fourth user wrote, “you won my heart again nd again 🥹♥️♥️♥️.”