Poonam Singh

Snakes are the most feared reptile species in the world irrespective of their breed or size. So, people always try to maintain a safe distance from snakes and stay cautious around these reptiles.                       

Here are three spine-chilling snake videos which have gone viral on social media, showing how these reptiles can be dangerous.

In the first video, a kangaroo is seen fighting off a python to rescue its partner from the clutches of the reptile. The kangaroo is seen trying its best to save the other animal from the deadly grip of the python. It is seen biting the snake and trying to kick it with all its might to save its partner. 

The video is shared by an Instagram handle called wildlifeanimall which usually posts wildlife videos.

In the second video, a python is seen preying upon a baby deer while a hyena attacks the Python to make the deer its prey. 
The helpless deer seems to be caught between the devil and the deep sea. 

In the chilling video, the deer can be seen strangled by the python as the hungry hyena aims to make it into a sumptuous meal. The deer tries hard to escape from the deadly grip of the snake, but the attack of the hyena shatters all its hope.

Towards the end of the video, it seems the sly hyena is able to defeat the python and can be seen carrying the deer, along with the reptile to feast upon.

The video was shared by an Instagram user called ‘africanimals’ with the caption, "This is nature..." with a warning of being sensitive content.

Disclaimer: Sensitive content. You can watch the video HERE.

In the third video, a woman was seen resting on a cot near her farmland when a cobra climbed on top of her. 

In the video, the woman can be seen chanting the name of Lord Shiva to protect her from the snake. However, as per the caption of the post, the cobra sat still on her back for about a few minutes, before it crawled away without causing any harm to the woman.

The video was shared by IFS officer Susanta Nanda on his Twitter handle with the caption, "When this happens, what would be your reaction??"