Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Wildlife is filled with surprises. Wildlife explorers are likely to witness several thrilling incidents. It is quite common to witness carnivores hunting down herbivores or small animals for food. But, it would be certainly surprising to watch a predator hunting down another large cruel creature for food.

Recently, a video surfaced on social media that shows a jaguar hunting down a crocodile in water.

Crocodiles are known to be cruel reptiles and they are strongest when in water. Crocodiles spare none and mercilessly tear apart their prey. On the other hand, Jaguars are also known to be skilled predators. Even Jaguars are good swimmers in comparison to other big cats. However, this viral video seems to be quite thrilling and knowledgeable.

As seen in the video, the jaguar can be seen walking into the water and fishing out a huge snake lying close to the bank. The big cat hopes on to a higher place while holding the reptile in its jaws. As it tries to feast on the snake, the reptile slips down and vanishes in the water. The lucky reptile was saved. 

However, another cruel creature can be seen resting on the bank. While the crocodile rests on the bank, the hungry jaguar enters the water again in search of food. 

The crocodile swims towards the big cat while hiding under the water. Known as prehistoric killers, crocodiles can swiftly attack their prey underwater. The crocodile also makes its way to drag its prey underwater. 

However, the crocodile seems to be quite careful while walking in the water. As soon as the crocodile approaches closer, the jaguar jumps on it and drags the reptile while holding it in its jaws. The fight between the big cat and the prehistoric creature continues for a while. However, the jaguar overpowers the crocodile and lifts it with its jaws while walking out of the water. 

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As explained in the video, the jaguar with the right bite can pierce through the skull and immobilize the crocodile. The skilled hunter finally turns the crocodile upside down and pierces its neck. 

As claimed in the video, such a sight is rarely recorded on camera. After killing the crocodile, the jaguar drags its prey away.

The video shared on X (Formerly known as Twitter) is shared by Massimo with a caption reading: Nature is amazing (sic)

Though the original source of the video couldn't be verified, it has gone viral on social media. The video has garnered massive views and likes. Meanwhile, the comments section is flooded with remarks from netizens expressing their shock and thrill. 

One user wrote, "That cat is goated, he's fighting and winning in territories that aren't naturally his, respect." (sic)

Another wrote, "This surprised me, I thought the tiger was toast!" (sic)

"The way folks would think the cayman was going to kill the jag and the jag came out on top is why nature is so fire. It’s about technique and skill," wrote a third user. (sic)