Poonam Singh

Pet dogs never shy away from expressing their feelings with their humans with distinct facial expressions and behaviour. They share their joy, disappointment, annoyance and anger with their pet parent. And sometimes, doggos are more expressive than humans.

One such fine example is this adorable dog who regretted choosing the wrong hand of its human who was offering him treats. The dog’s instant regret will surely tug your heart’s strings.

In the video, a black Labrador is seen sitting while its human is fisting his hands with treats and asking to choose it. The dog can be seen choosing the left hand, having only one treat in it. While the dog seems enjoying its treat, the man opens the right hand which has more treats in it, leaving the dog sad and instantly regretting its choice.

Since being shared a few days ago, the video has accumulated several likes on X. It has also attracted several comments from people.

An X user wrote, “Oh, weve all been there! Cant resist those puppy dog eyes, even if it leads to some cookie-related aftermath. Remember, moderation is key in all things, even treat-giving!."

A second user wrote, “Give that baby more treats." "Awwwww give him the rest.!" posted a third.