Cassian Baliarsingh

Remember the iconic ‘bank vault’ loot scene from the famous Hollywood movie ‘Fast and Furious’? Well, inspired by the popular film, two hardcore thieves tried to break an ATM kiosk with their car only to realise such things can happen only in movies.

The bizarre incident from Beed district of Maharashtra was caught on CCTV camera and has gone viral with hilarious reactions from social media users. 

The video shows a masked man tying the ATM machine with a huge rope. The rope on the other hand is tied to the car stationed just outside the ATM room. After he is finished tying, another robber enters the car and drives the car rashly, thereby immediately pulling out the ATM machine while the door of the room is also broken.

However, the poor fellows had to flee empty-handed as police rushed to the spot after receiving information from the safety services installed at the ATM.

“I think the IQs of the thieves are more than Sunny Deol,” commented a user with laughing emojis.

Another user wrote, “ATM lootne car main aye hain, matlab kamayi achi hai dhande mein.”

“Movie se itna bhi motivate nahin hona hai,” wrote a third user.