Cassian Baliarsingh

A young Indian woman made heads turn as she strolled through the streets of London wearing an adorable lehenga. Dressed in a beautiful red wedding lehenga, the woman left everyone impressed with the Indian attire. The video went viral after the model identified as Shraddha, a Spanish-Indian model shared it on social media.

Since being posted on Instagram, the video has gone crazy viral with over 278K likes and thousands of adorable comments.

The video begins with the model dressed in the lehenga as a bride takes a ride on the London tube. All the eyes are on her, and the foreigners go crazy as they seem to be fascinated with her outfit. All the foreigners can be seen looking at her in amazement.


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The same thing happens when she takes a stroll on the streets. Everyone just cannot take their eyes off her. Some are seen quickly taking out their phones and clicking pictures and taking videos of her, while others look at her curiously.

Sharing the video, Shraddha wrote, “Giving y’all ✨anxiety✨ through the screen 🤪😂❤️”

“She's stunning. Her outfit is lovely, her cultural heritage is rich, beautiful and inspiring. From India to the world♡ Not all of us have access to Indian culture- what a treat to see such a pretty expression of it on the drab ol' tube,” commented a social media user.

Another user wrote, “Indian girl rocks 🔥🔥....London Wale socks 😂😂”

“Gorgeous! Yes to wearing what you like where you like! 🔥🔥🔥” commented another user.