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An Indian girl took over the streets of London in a ‘Lungi’, leaving locals jaw-dropped. The viral video has garnered millions of views online with foreigners going gaga over the ‘Lungi style’. Content creator @valerydaania took to her Instagram to share a couple of videos of her Lungi on the streets of London and desis cannot get enough of her aura. 

In the viral video, Valery can be seen wearing a blue printed ‘lungi’, twirling and swirling on the streets of London. She paired her ‘Lungi’ with a top and sunglasses imitating superstar ‘Rajinikanth’. 

While some foreigners looked at her in awe, Indians living in London shared a vibe with her. In the iconic Rajinikanth style, Valery walked around shops, leaving everyone astounded. Indians who see her equally get surprised with her outfit choice, but have a hefty laugh on seeing her desi style.


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Sharing the video, Valery wrote, “Wearing Lungi in London. MAARIII 🔥” in the caption. As expected, the video went crazy viral with around 109K likes on the global photo-sharing app. Social media users were quick to jump into the comment section and leave adorable comments for her.

“Heyyy that's my father's lungii!!!!!! you two can twin with eo 🤣🤣🤣 Akka fulfilled my wish (one of the bucket list) 😂❤️,” commented a social media user.

Another user commented, “That mother got some "bombastic side eye "… Others reacted good 😂😂😂😂 Akka you deserve a huge salute I love it smile at last ❤️❤️❤️❤️”

“This is not how u represent your motherland, wear proper veshti shirt ,,this way u r trying to promote south movies only not culture,” commented another user.


A post shared by valery (@valerydaania)

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