Poonam Singh

Amid the jubilant celebrations of India's 77th Independence Day, Indian Coast Guard orchestrated a captivating display of patriotism by hoisting the national flag underwater near Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu.

The enchanting scene depicted dedicated Indian Coast Guard personnel, resolutely submerged in the aquatic realm. Their presence is a poignant testament to their unwavering commitment to the nation. The flag unfurled majestically against the backdrop of the underwater expanse, evoking a profound sense of pride and reverence.

News agency ANI shared this captivating vignette on Twitter with the caption "Underwater hoisting of the national flag by Indian Coast Guard personnel near Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu on Independence Day."

The resonance of this underwater salute to the nation was swift and powerful, captivating the hearts of thousands who witnessed it unfold. In a span of mere hours since its posting, the video garnered nearly 37,000 views and a staggering 2,700 likes.

The comment section of the post turned into an avenue of heartfelt expressions, where individuals from all walks of life shared their heartfelt messages.

One individual, his heart brimming with pride, penned, "A proud moment for us," encapsulating the sentiment that reverberated through the hearts of many. Another succinctly captured the essence of the moment with a fervent "Jai Hind," a proclamation of allegiance and devotion to the motherland. A third voice resonated with a touch of humour, asserting, "Our crowning achievement of 2023, folks," an acknowledgement of the awe-inspiring nature of the event.

"Proud of our Army and nation," voiced another user.