Cassian Baliarsingh

Paired with sambar and chutney, idli holds a special place for most of the foodies. The South Indian breakfast food has been quenching the taste buds of food lovers for decades. However, a street vendor’s unique twist to the classic dish has left food lovers fuming.

While the traditional idli preparation is the most charming experience, the Mumbai-based street vendor’s ‘idli burger’ has gone viral. While we often come across videos of food fusion with innovative yet bizarre recipes, the ‘idli burger’ has caught the attention of social media users.

The street vendor’s unique ‘Idli Burger’ from Avantika Chennai Café in Mumbai has food lovers under stress. The viral video begins with the street vendor slicing a large-sized idli into half. He then adds a mix of spices, schezwan sauce, mayonnaise and green chutney. Like burger, he layers the ‘Idli Burger’ with onions, tomatoes, capsicum, grated cheese, carrots and beet.

He then adds green chutney, coconut chutney and mayonnaise and finally presents the burger idli on a plate. Accompanied with the burger idli is a bowl of piping hot sambar, along with coconut, tomato and green chutney.
Since being shared online, the unique food combination has left food lovers unhappy who took to the comment section and slammed the food vendor for destroying the classic food.

“Idli is supposed to be healthy breakfast. Fermented, steamed. What this person doing 🤢,” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “Curious…How can one dip those 3 chutneys on that side 🤔🤔 & lastly Centerla it was nallavelai one gundu onion and not gundu gundu gulab jamun 😂”

“Maggi and eggs ke baad ab Idli ka turn aaya hai satyanaash hone ka😢😢,” commented a third user.