Soumya Prakash Pradhan

People work hard, but they often struggle to manage everything, including family and children. However, a video has now gone viral in which an IAS officer can be seen successfully juggling both aspects of her life.

The video highlights her dedication to her high-level job as an IAS officer while also managing her son during the work hours.

The video, posted by IAS officer Pamela Satpathy, showcases her son enjoying his summer vacation while she works diligently at her desk.

In the caption accompanying the video, the IAS officer wrote, "The most awaited time of the year has now become the most dreaded time of the year. SUMMER VACATION 🤕🤒, POV: You are a Boy Mum🥹.”

During working hours, Pamela Satpathy can be seen diligently working at her desk while her son plays nearby, dressed in a Superman shirt.

Fearlessly exploring his surroundings, he enthusiastically recites dialogue and performs actions, declaring, "Pushparaj Main Jhukega Nahi." He gleefully hops around the desk, turning it into his playground.

As the video went viral, netizens praised IAS Satpathy for effortlessly balancing her professional duties with her role as a mother.

Comments poured in, with one user expressing admiration: "How do you manage work and childcare! Respect." Another dubbed her son the 'Super-boy of a super-mom 💙.'

However, amidst the praise, some users questioned the appropriateness of mixing personal matters with official duties.

Nevertheless, Satpathy's video serves as a reminder of the joy found in everyday moments, even amidst the hustle and bustle of professional life.