Rashmi Rekha Das

With the shooting fuel prices, the use of electric vehicles has become a budget-friendly option for daily commuters. But, news of battery-operated vehicles catching fire has forced users to think twice before buying an electric vehicle.

Recently, a video of an electric scooter, parked inside the garage of a house, catching fire by itself is going viral across social media platforms raising serious safety concerns over the parking of EVs.

Shared on the micro-blogging application Twitter, the clip shows the electric scooter was parked inside the garage of a house and was put on charge when it caught fire and in no time the two-wheeler suddenly erupted in flames. A man present there can be seen running from hither and thither to douse the flame. As the vehicle exploded, the man can be seen falling off the ground. Later, he can be seen opening the door before leaving the scene.

The clip was shared by Twitter user Amit Bhawani with a long caption which reads “Would you keep your electric bike or vehicle inside your home, garage, or apartment? These kinds of incidents remind us to keep them outside, yet many people bring them inside. PS: This is scary, and people should also know what to do when something like this happens.”

Soon after the post was posted, internet users expressed their concerns over the incident through comments and shared the video hugely to make it viral.

One social user posted: “Opening the door and leaving it open allows more oxygen to rush inside, which could accelerate the fire.”

“This demonstrates how dangerous batteries can be, small electric vehicles like motorbike, scooters and other small EVs should NOT be stored inside your home”, wrote another Twitter user.

Yet another social media user commented “That dude had a very very bad day.”