Cassian Baliarsingh

India is a land of culture and traditions that are being followed since ages. There are different types of traditions for different occasions in all parts of India.

Meanwhile, a video of a groom welcomed with Beedi and Paan by his father and mother-in-law has left the internet divided. While many people pointed out that it was an ancient tradition that is being followed in some parts, others mentioned that such rituals should be stopped immediately.

The video shared on Instagram opens with a groom sitting on a sofa. Later, his mother-in-law puts a cigarette in his mouth while his father-in-law lights the cigarette. However, as seen in the video, the groom does not smoke it and later the father-in-law again takes it from his mouth.


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As per ritual, the groom hands over some money to both of them. Now, the video has been going viral with people differing over the tradition. While the exact location of the incident was not immediately ascertained, many pointed out that the ritual was from Gujarat.

A user wrote, “With Kind Words: Agar Hindu rituals se shadi kar rahe ho toh, apne sanskar mat bhuliye pls. Zyada trendy banna chahte ho to pls don’t use Hindu ritual.”

Another user wrote, “This is fully nonsense thing ever. Smoking causes cancer and just for social media attention they are doing this.”

However, many pointed out that the tradition is also followed in other parts of India.

A user wrote, “Old tradition in Odisha while another user wrote, “Yeah in Bihar, also we give paan, cigarette to the groom’s family members.” 

Another user wrote, “This is an old tradition followed in some villages in south Gujarat. He doesn’t even smoke. In video you can see that they didn’t even light it, just for the ‘rasam’ they did the action. And it’s just a ‘be ghadi gammat’ just laugh and ignore it. No need to get offended by it.”