Poonam Singh

A groom in Uttar Pradesh arranged a ‘helicopter palanquin’ to bring home his beloved bride to his home. This unique grand farewell of the bride has become a hot topic of discussion in the area.

According to Amarujala report, wedding of one Gulab Singh’s son Sai Pratap Singh, resident of Bedauli village of Prayagraj district was fixed with Satyaprakash Munna’s daughter Anshika Singh, resident of Semradh village, on March 14.

On the day of the wedding, Sai Pratap arrived in Semradh village with a huge wedding procession after which their wedding was solemnised as per the rituals and tradition on Tuesday night. Following this, the newlywed couple on Wednesday morning visited Baba Semradhnath and took the Lord’s blessings before the bidaai ceremony.

However, after the grand wedding, the groom had arranged a unique palanquin- ‘a helicopter’ to take his bride to her new home. His gesture was appreciated by the bride’s family and the villagers who praised him for being a caring and loving partner.

A crowd of villagers reportedly gathered to see this unique farewell. They rained flowers on the newly married couple as they boarded the helicopter for the bidaai. 

Notably, as per Amarujala, a special helipad was made for the helicopter to land in the village and to take the bride to her new home. Some people even took selfies with the helicopter.