Poonam Singh

Weddings are all about happiness and celebrations, and nowadays grooms and brides plan some special gestures for their partners to make their D-Day even more special. While bride and groom performing for each other have become quite common, this groom chose a unique way to surprise his bride during their wedding. And, it has now gone viral on social media.

The groom surprised his bride and everyone present at the wedding venue with a beautiful LIVE painting of his would-be wife.

Sharing the video, the groom Varun Jarsania, who is an artist by profession wrote, "Groom dancing for his bride is too common! Ye dekho kuch alag. Love for my bride & now wifey."

In the viral clip, the groom can be seen grooving on Girls Like You by Maroon 5. He then starts painting on the canvas and colour which was kept behind him. 

At first, Varun drew a heart, then he was seen drawing some lines, leaving everyone guessing what he was painting. The groom made the painting in reverse mode and when completed, he turned it upside down leaving everyone stunned by the beautiful portrait of his wife.

However, the cherry on the cake was the “Kala tika” he put on her portrait was all things, love. The bride named Pratha & her family looked super elated to see her hubby drawing a LIVE painting for her on their special night.

The video garnered over a million views after being shared on Instagram. Netizens were super impressed with the groom’s skill and showered the couple with love in the comments section.

" Now no one can match this.. this is soo beautiful..," a user wrote. Another user commented, " The competition is getting too high."