Poonam Singh

Even though dowry has been banned in India for more than 60 years, this vice is still prevalent and practiced in many parts of the country. However, a groom from Uttar Pradesh refused to take dowry leaving every one surprised.
It is often seen that huge dowry is demanded in marriages, especially in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. If the boy is in a good position or has a government job, the girl's family is asked to pay a huge amount. Such people should take a lesson from Saurabh Chauhan of Muzaffarnagar who returned the 11 lakh rupees and jewellery received in dowry from his in-laws in his marriage. 

He accepted only one rupee as a ‘shagun’ and married his bride. The incident took place in Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar. 

According to a PTI report, the groom Saurabh Chauhan is a Revenue officer (Lekhpal) while the bride (daughter of a retired soldier) is a resident of Princi Lakhan village. 

Reportedly, Saurabh with his marriage procession reached Lakhan village. However, before the wedding when the girl’s family gave the dowry from their side, he refused setting an example. 

He said, “The extravagance that takes place in the marriage ceremony should be banned.”

People are praising Saurabh for his decision and hoping that every groom and his family should learn from Saurabh that no bride is commodity that they think they are buying.