Poonam Singh

A groom got the shock of his life on his wedding day when he discovered the bride was missing and her house was locked.

The incident was reported from Khandwa in Madhya Pradesh.

As per a Times Of India report, the groom had met a girl named Pooja in Basant Nagar, Khandwa through one of his friends. After visiting her home on June 2 with his family, they decided to marry each other. On June 4, they finalised the marriage arrangements, and a few days later, on June 11, some family members went to Pooja's house and presented her with Rs 10,000 and clothes. The wedding date was set for June 23.

However, when the groom with his baraat arrived in Khandwa on Friday, they discovered that the girl's house was locked.

Later, the groom and his family learnt from the neighbours, the girl and her father had vacated the house two days prior and shifted elsewhere. 

The house owner provided the identity card of Pooja's father, which revealed a different name from the one he had initially identified himself.

After realizing that they had been deceived, the groom and his family members approached the Rameshwar police outpost, where they filed a case against the absconding bride and her family.

The groom was inconsolable over the whole incident, who claimed he had spent over 3,00,00 rupees on the wedding. The overall expenses included Rs 70, 000 which he had transferred to the bride and Rs 10, 000 which he spent on purchasing clothes.

Ranveer Singh Solanki, the in-charge of the police outpost, stated that they were currently investigating the matter. A case was registered based on the groom's complaint, and further investigations are underway.