Poonam Singh

In a startling turn of events, a Mexican bride, identified as Nancy N., experienced a wedding day like no other when she was unexpectedly arrested instead of exchanging vows. 

According to Mirror UK, the bride was set to marry fugitive Clemente Mendiola Martinez, known as 'El Raton' or 'The Mouse,' faced a police ambush on the day of the ceremony.

Martinez, accused of being a killer for a drug cartel in Mexico and a wanted man for murder related to an extortion racket on local poultry farmers, managed to elude the police raid, leaving his bride in handcuffs at the altar. 

Nancy Lizeth's wedding dress-clad mugshots, flanked by heavily armed officers has gone viral on social media.

As per reports, the police followed the bride to the wedding venue and raided it, however, the groom escaped again. It remains unclear whether the couple had exchanged vows before the intervention. 

Authorities consider Lizeth an accomplice to Martinez's alleged criminal activities, and she is set to face extortion charges alongside her fugitive groom.

The Edomex Prosecutor's Office labeled Martinez as a "priority target" with an arrest warrant for engaging in criminal activities such as homicide and extortion. The arrest of Lizeth transpired during a joint operational action on the planned wedding day.

Meanwhile, Mexican police have announced a reward of MXN 300,000 (approximately  14.5 lakh rupees) for information leading to the capture of Martinez, the runaway groom.