Cassian Baliarsingh

Instagram reels have not just taken over the internet, but also our day-to-day lives. Everywhere you look, you can spot someone or the other making reels of shooting some video. Well, ‘how much is too much?’

Just like this viral video of a group of young girls dancing in their bedroom during a night out, which has gone crazy viral. The clip was shared on Instagram by content creator Aayushi Dholakia with the caption that reads, “where’s papa?💣🥂⚡️😋 Here’s your sign to take a girls trip and go crazy!!!👯‍️”

Watch the video here:


In the viral video, we can see a group of girls dressed in sexy night attires and dancing to ‘Papa Jag Jayega’ from Akshay Kumar’s hit movie Housefull. Although the girls seem to enjoy themselves during the night out and are giving major friendship goals, social media users found them cringe.

While a section of people praised the girls for having fun and enjoying each other’s company, others brutally trolled them for cheap dance moves just to gain traction online.

A user wrote, “I can see one Suhana Khan ordered from Meesho,” while another wrote, “WTF Cringe pro max 😂”

“Papa jagg jaate toh hi acha hota, Achaa hua papa sleeping nahi toh belt se maarte 🗿” wrote a third user.

Another user wrote, “Dusman mile hazar par biwi na mile chinaar 💀”

However, a few users praised the girls for their dance and uplifted them in the comment section.

️ wow girls I see u have enjoyed alot 👏 this is needed n this kinds of friends 🙌” wrote one user.

Another user commented, “Wow soooo damn cool… u girls are killing it.”