Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Be it by bus, train or metro, travelling to far-off places nowadays is easier as compared to the earlier days. During their journey, people often engage in dancing, singing and sometimes fighting too for seats or other issues.

Recently, a video went viral on social media, Instagram, featuring some girls and boys travelling on a night coach bus. The video was a cover of the song ‘Kaanta Laga’ by a creator named AiSh.

The lyrics of the song go like this: ‘Raat beran hui, o re saathiya, Dekh halat meri, aa le kar diya….’

They performed in a lively manner, dancing on the upper deck of the night coach bus, and the video quickly went viral on the internet.

The video garnered 11.4 million views, 294K likes, and numerous comments.

People laughed and commented with affection. One user jokingly said, ‘Give everyone's ID 😂😂,’ while another commented, ‘It's actually a beautiful moment captured with friends ❤️.’

Another user praised the group, saying, ‘cute girls 👏.’ Yet another expressed envy, commenting, ‘Where can I find such a group... 😢.’

Another user commented, ‘I've never experienced this kind of enjoyment with my friends,’ while another person sadly remarked, 'I don't even have friends, you're very lucky 😢😢'