Soumya Prakash Pradhan

The new generation of dancers draws significant inspiration from legendary American dancer Michael Jackson.

They diligently follow and learn from these iconic figures, with many attempting to replicate Michael Jackson's famous moonwalk technique. 

Recently, a captivating and unique underwater dance performance went viral on social media.

In the video, the dancer skilfully emulates the iconic moonwalk moves associated with Michael Jackson. 

The talented dancer behind this mesmerising performance is Kristina Makushenko, hailing from Miami.

She flawlessly executed the iconic moonwalk moves, adding her own graceful touch while dancing to the tune of ‘Smooth Criminal.’

Her performance was nothing short of breath-taking and deserving of a standing ovation.

Many Michael Jackson fans would have appreciated the homage paid to the iconic dance move.

Sharing her experience of the dance, Kristina wrote, "This is my brand new version of moonwalking 🌚. It was a real CHALLENGE to lean forward, as you saw me do at the beginning of the video. For this, I had to expel 95% of the air to achieve the lean. Honestly, when I floated to the surface for the ending, I thought I might sink. This is one of the toughest performances I've ever done! But I was determined to change the perspective of MOONWALKING👞.”

The video has garnered around 89,000 likes and millions of views.

Viewers have been actively engaging with the video, leaving comments expressing their amazement.

One user commented, “This is DOPE🔥. Here I am thinking I can do this😒🤦🏽♂️” 

Another user commented, "Finally!!! Someone on social media in a swimsuit with talent!!! This is so cool. Love it!”

A different user enthusiastically commented, “Girl, I literally have no words for this level of talent. It’s like you defy gravity and every law of physics! 🔥”