Poonam Singh

Netizens nowadays record videos of themselves while nailing trends and participating in various social media challenges. Some even go to great lengths to capture the perfect reel with matching steps, costumes and backgrounds. So, when a video of a girl dancing to Priyanka Chopra’s dance number “Pinky” from Zanjeer movie surfaced online, it garnered a lot of attention. The girl in the video is identified as Sanju Choudhary, a digital creator, and the clip is shared on her official Instagram account.

In the now-viral clip, the girl absolutely nailed all the hook steps of the song. Her energetic dance moves were perfectly synced to the song's catchy beats. She had the perfect expression throughout her performance, winning the hearts of social media users.

In the video, Sanju can be seen wearing a white chikankari kurta with denim jeans. She can also be seen wearing hoop earrings made of cowries. 

Watch her energetic performance here:

The video garnered over 1.6 million views after being shared online. It also triggered a plethora of reactions from netizens and they flooded the comments section with their heartfelt reactions.

Check out some of the comments here:

One person in the Instagram comments said, " Aree aram se didi." A second person added, "Aap ne bahut acha dance kiya.. bahut hi achaa.. mazza aagya " A third person commented, " Pinky full to josh mein "