Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

The internet is full of surprising and amusing things . We often come across numerous fascinating contents while using social media. The most intriguing content that holds the interest of the maximum number of users instantly goes viral on social media. 

Social media users certainly come across videos of romance, fights and humour between lovebirds or couples

Here we bring one such video that will tickle your funny bones. 

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As shown in the video, a girl is seen approaching fast towards the camera. To everyone’s surprise, she stops by a boy in front of the camera. She holds his face and bends down planting a kiss on his lips. The boy looks surprised and gazes towards her girlfriend who was sitting beside him. 

Meanwhile, the girl, who kissed the boy, walks on her way. But, while going away, she pushed the head of the boy’s girlfriend. 

While both the girl and boy saw each other with surprise, the stranger girl walked near another youth and headed outside. 

On the other hand, while the boy was surprised, his girl looked quite shocked.

The video shared on Twitter by Great Videos has been viewed over a million times by now and has also amused the netizens, which is obvious from the likes and retweets.