Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Indian weddings seem to be colourless without emotions, drama, fun, pranks, music, and dance. While the guests at the wedding become a part of the celebrations, friends, and relatives are the ones who reap the real fun during the event.

However, have you ever seen the bride or groom getting hugged and kissed by a person of the opposite gender? And how would the other person react after witnessing his/her partner getting close to someone else?

Here we bring a video of an Indian wedding in which a groom is being kissed and hugged by a person donning a burqa. And the reaction of the bride was quite hilarious. 

As seen in the video, the newlywed bride and groom are on the stage and welcoming the guests. Meanwhile, a woman wearing a burqa comes closer to the couple. Following her, another ‘burqa wali’ enters the frame and hugs the groom. 

This didn’t end here. After hugging the groom continuously, the ‘burqa wali’ attempted to kiss him. However, the bride seemed to be calm and enjoying the moment. Even the groom was quite amused during the incident. 

However, to everyone’s surprise, the ‘burqa wali’ uncovered the face triggering a hilarious moment at the wedding venue. The person in the burqa was a boy and seems to be a close friend of the groom.

Indeed, this was a prank video and the bride burst out laughing after learning who the person behind the burqa really was. Following the prank, the ‘burqa wali’ posed with the newlywed couple for pictures.

Here's another video that shows a similar incident.