Poonam Singh

Internet is filled with all kinds of content. And among these different types of content, dance videos catch the attention of many people. They are usually peppy and make one wants to dance too. Recently, a video of a newlywed girl dancing to the beats of dhol started doing rounds on the internet.

In a video shared by Instagram user @soniprajapati627, you can see the girl dressed in a beautiful yellow and pink lehenga. She is also wearing jewellery and traditional red bangles. The woman seems to be in the middle of some sort of family function when she starts dancing to the beat of dhol energetically.

In the viral clip, the newlywed can be seen donning a heavily embellished lehenga and dancing enthusiastically to the catchy beats of the dhol.  She can also be seen making some of her family members dance with her too. Her dance moves to the peppy beats will make you want to dance too.

Watch the video right here:

This video was shared a few days back. Since being shared, it has over 1 million views, 2 lakhs likes and several comments. 

One person in the comments said, "Bht pyara dance kiya h." Another person said, "Wow very beautiful dance pafomance." 

"Itna achha dance kha se sikha aapne," said a third person. Many others also reacted to the same using emojis.