Poonam Singh

A video has gone viral on social media which shows a Fast & Furious-style theft on a highway. In the video, a man can be seen mercilessly throwing goats from a truck.

The clip starts with goats dropping out of a truck plying on the highway. The incident was recorded on a mobile camera from another vehicle plying on the same highway. 

The undated video has now gone viral on social media. It shows the animals being brutally thrown from the speeding truck without any concern for the safety of the commuters or the goats.

About 10 goats were seen thrown from the truck in the clip. Later, the man who was throwing goats from the truck, can be seen climbing down the truck and a car comes next to the truck where he stepped down on the bonnet to get into the car. 

As claimed by netizens, the goats were stolen and later picked up and put in the car.

The video was shared on Twitter with the caption, “Mission impossible - style chori in #Maharashtra highway unbelievable. It's happened only in India.”

However, a section of the netizens refuted the claims that the theft was from India and claimed it was from Pakistan and that the man in the video was stealing goats.

A user wrote, “Pl do your investigation and imagination proper. This is Karachi.” 

Another netizen commented, “How much more inhumane can people be!!  Goats thrown off the truck, stealing plan.” A third user wrote, “Wow it's 6G style theft.”