Poonam Singh

More than 100 people came out to join a terminally ill dog on his ‘final walk’ around the block after its owner posted a heart-breaking invite leaving many in tears.

The invitation was made by the dog’s owner on its behalf inviting locals to say goodbye to the animal before it was put down following cancer diagnosis. 

According to a Metro report, the touching note, which was dropped into people's letterboxes ad front yards, described how the people made the dog's life richer in every way possible. It also invited them to greet the dog in person on its farewell walk. 

A part of the invitation read: “Regardless of how well we know each other, you have made my life so much richer than any rescue dog could have hoped for. I’m not sure when exactly I will go, but each day over the past few weeks has been a struggle for me to get around the neighbourhood like I used to. [I] would love to say goodbye face-to-face if you are available. Come out to pat me on the head or rub my belly and I will be forever grateful.”

To make things convenient, Kevin, the dog’s owner also included a map of the planned route and $5 to use for a gift or donate to charity. It is said that Kevin and his Pitbull-mix, Mellow, were always seen walking the streets of Dupont twice a day. Sadly, Mellow had noticeably become slower in recent times before eventually being diagnosed with a fast-spreading lymphoma.  

The entire town came out in full force, with signs and treats for Mellow. It was overwhelming and heartbreaking at the same time. The crying people stood back to not upset the dog, it was devastating.

The eventual turnout during the dog’s walk was overwhelming. Several Twitter pages have now shared photos of Mellow taking his final walk.