Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Exploring the wild can be fun and dangerous at the same time. Such trips can help to increase knowledge about wildlife and get closer to them. However, it is essential to follow some rules to ensure safety during the trip.

Several tragic incidents have come to the fore when people lose their lives after an encounter with wild animals. Thus, it is advised by experts and forest departments not to break the rules and avoid getting closer to the wild animals.

However, some people act foolishly inviting threats to their lives. Recently, a video stormed the internet that shows an incident of a man-elephant encounter. 

As seen in the video, two men are walking on the road casually beside a four-wheeler vehicle. However, suddenly an elephant approaches from behind and chases them. Both the men start running after seeing the elephant behind them. 

Meanwhile, the person recording the incident on camera can be heard yelling out of fear and asking both men to run fast. 

However, one of the men slips while running which leaves everyone in panic. Even the jumbo slows down near the man. 

But, instead of attacking it furiously, the jumbo turns its back and kicks the man with its hind leg. The jumbo doesn't further attack the man and walks away as the man crawls to the roadside to save his life. 

The video was shared by Indian Forest Service (IFS) Official Susanta Nanda. He captioned the video: Just showing who the boss is.

The incident has left many surprised as the elephant didn't attack the man violently and left him just with one kick. 
Netizens liked the gesture of the jumbo and have flooded the comments section.

Now, the video has gone viral on social media with users expressing their shock over the incident.