Manoj Kumar Jena

The internet is filled with many weird and inspiring things, but dance videos showcasing talent often go viral on various social media platforms.

In most cases, the young generation establishes dominance in the field of dancing but recently, 'Bhangra' moves of an elderly woman have gained traction on social media. 

The video of an elderly woman dancing Bhangra with high energy has taken the internet by storm. In the viral clip, the elderly woman wearing a blue colour salwar kurta can be seen showcasing electrifying Bhangra moves. 

Even her rhythm sense and expression are no less than a young professional dancer. Her dance moves were so energetic that two women who were dancing behind her stopped and turned her audience instantly seeing her powerful moves. 

In the video, it was clearly seen that no one on the dance floor stood a match with the elderly lady, as she owned the turf with her moves. 

Soon after the video made it to social media, it surfaced like wildfire on the internet and netizens fell short of words while praising the elderly lady. 

The video was shared on the official Instagram handle of @the.bhangara.lover with the caption, ‘Punjabi Wedding is incomplete without this song.’ 

The video has amassed 779K likes and a whopping 16.6 million views. Netizens could not resist praising the woman and wrote in the comments section, "I won’t be able to dance like this even in my 30s," wrote a user. Another user commented, "Her expressions are no less than a professional actor."

Watch the video below: