Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Unemployment has been taking a huge toll on youths. Even though youths are educated and hold degrees, finding a relevant job is not that easy. To meet daily life requirements and make arrangements to support the family financially, youths pick up odd jobs. Though no work is small, it will be certainly surprising to find educated people doing odd jobs.

Recently, a video went viral on social media that shows an English-speaking rickshaw puller. The youth can be seen interacting with foreign tourists flawlessly in English.

The youth is heard briefing about the tourist hubs in the city and their importance. The tourists also seem to be convinced by their 'tour guide'. He also explains to the tourists about clicking photos near Jama Masjid and travelling in the narrow lanes of the city.

As it seems, the video is captured by a passerby on his mobile camera. The rickshaw puller's flawless English communication drew his attention. The tourists are from the United Kingdom and seem to be very pleased with the rickshaw puller.

In general, a few cab drivers or rickshaw pullers communicate with tourists in the English language to ensure the convenience of their passengers. However, they tend to make errors while speaking and explaining something. However, this rickshaw puller with his English-speaking knowledge has left the netizens surprised. 

The video shared on Instagram by iasworldofficial has garnered massive views and netizens have flooded the comments section with notes appreciating the educated rickshaw puller. By now, the video has garnered over 27K likes.

One user wrote, "Btech rickshawala." (sic)

Another user wrote, "New India." (sic)

"That's why education is important, wrote a third user. (sic)