Cassian Baliarsingh

A shocking video of a huge 22-wheel container truck dragging a car has left the internet stunned. The video has now been going viral with social media users demanding the immediate arrest of the truck driver.

The container hit the car and then dragged it for about 3 kilometres as bystanders looked in shock, reports said. The visuals of the truck dragging the car looked like a scene fresh out of a Bollywood movie. 

Luckily, all the four occupants of the car jumped out of the vehicle and saved their lives with minor injuries. Reports added that the container truck driver was drunk during the incident. Passers-by shouted out at the truck driver to stop, but he continued to drive until he was chased and stopped by the police.

Locals alerted the cops who chased the driver and intercepted the vehicle. He was totally drunk and was taken into the custody.

According to sources, the truck driver and the occupants of the car had reportedly entered into an altercation over some issue. Infuriated, the truck driver hit the car and dragged it for about 3 kilometres.

The incident comes a day after a speeding truck hit a horse-driven cart used for weddings carrying five people in Meerut. Three people including two brothers were killed in the incident while two others have been undergoing treatment for severe injuries.