Cassian Baliarsingh

In an unexpected turn of events, a dance battle turned the stage into a battleground after two dancers started slapping each other. The brawl between the two dancers left everyone shell-shocked who rushed to stop the fight before things turned uglier.

Caught on camera, the video is now going viral on social media leaving the online community in stitches. The unexpected transition from dance-off to full-blown fight has amassed lakhs of views with thousands of likes online.

The video begins with music playing in the background and a dancer standing on the stage. Later, another dancer jumps onto the stage to compete with him. The situation turned ugly after the man standing on the stage gave a competition sign.

Later, the dance atmosphere turns uglier after the dancer physically jumps onto his opponent, sparking the unexpected brawl. Chaos ensues after the two begin to slap each other. Soon, other dancers jump in and intervene to restore order.

Before things go under control, the second dancer gives a resounding slap to the one who initiated the scuffle, adding an unexpected twist to the already chaotic scene. Popular Instagram page kaleshkomedy shared the video and wrote, “Hard slap Kalesh b/w two dancer’s during face-off battle.”

The viral video has received mixed reviews from desis who had a field day in the comment section.

“That Revenge Slap was satisfying asf🔥,” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “The face he makes after receiving that revenge slap means he knew he deserved that.”

“Second wale thappad ne toh suun krdiya bhai ko 😂😂,” commented a third user.