Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Age is just a number. There is no particular age to live life or express love. While young people quite easily express their love to each other and take it to social media, elderly couples don’t find it comfortable. However, this elderly couple didn’t just express their love for each other, rather, they recreated the iconic pose from Titanic movie. 

Recently, a video has surfaced on social media in which the elderly couple is seen sitting on the seaside. While the elderly woman is sitting inside the water and enjoying herself like a child, her husband is sitting just behind her on a rock. 

The next frame shows the duo recreating the iconic pose from Titanic movie which originally featured Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. The elderly couple stretched their arms wide while standing on the beach. Both seemed to be enjoying the moment, just like a newlywed couple. 

Later, the duo is seen busy clicking photos together in different locations. Even the couple is seen taking bath in the sea together. 

The elderly couple has certainly served couple goals by sharing such heartwarming moments on social media. Probably, it’s a dream for everyone to lead lives with their life partners till the end filled with love and happiness. Even at this age the couple is quite lively and enjoying each moment passionately. 

Indeed, life turns beautiful when one steps ahead holding his/her life partner’s hand in every up and down.