Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Everyone is born innocent. However, they gradually lose innocence as they grow. Still, innocent people do exist. Innocent people are emotionally sensitive. They may break into tears when they get extremely happy or even when they see other people's suffering. Even they get teary-eyed when they are showered with respect and love unexpectedly. 

Recently, a video surfaced on the internet showing a cute innocent girl getting teary-eyed after an unknown man gifts her a bunch of flowers. 

As seen in the video, the girl is munching a burger while travelling in a metro/bus. Suddenly, an unknown guy approaches and hands her a bunch of roses. He also sits beside her. As it seems, the guy asked the girl to hold the flower bunch for a moment so that he could tie his shoelaces. While tying his shoelace, the guy interacts with the girl. The girl patiently helps the guy. 

When the guy is done tying his shoelace, he further interacts with the girl and asks if he could have a bite from the burger. The girl immediately, allows him to have a bite. Suddenly, he pulls out a card from his pocket and gives it to the girl. The girl accepts the card and the guy walks away. She calls him to give back the bunch of flowers but the guy doesn't wait. 

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The girl in confusion opens the card and reads it. Suddenly, she starts smiling and also breaks into tears. She looks behind and seems to be quite elated. She wipes out the tears of happiness. Her tears were uncontrollable when the guy walked back to comfort her. He hugs her to ease.

Well, such a gesture of the guy for the girl is winning the hearts of netizens. While the source of the video couldn't be obtained, it is shared on X (formerly Twitter) by Restoring Your Faith In Humanity. The scroll on the post reads: Innocent people are not stupid, they just think everyone has a good heart. (sic)

The video has received massive views and likes. Moreover, netizens shared their thoughts about the girl's innocence and heaped praises. 

A user wrote, "This young woman is absolutely adorable. I think the two of them should get together." (sic)

Another wrote, "Finally found a girl with a golden heart may God bless her. Innocent soul She deserves more than flowers I am telling you." (sic)

"I love how she was just innocently eating while looking out the window," wrote a third user. (sic)

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