Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Solitude is the time spent alone and enjoying being with yourself. Not just depressed people prefer staying alone; one can opt to stay alone even in a positive state. It could be the best way to turn off the noise without interacting with others and step away from the rat race. There are multiple benefits of spending time alone in a positive state for mental health. However, in this competitive life, a person would rarely think of spending time alone.

However, recently a video surfaced on the internet that shows a woman choosing a hilarious way to spend time alone taking a break from her kids and pet.

The woman is seen locked inside a cage and sipping coffee while reading a book. Meanwhile, a toddler, a kid and a pet dog can be seen outside the cage. Well, both the toddler and the kid can be seen trying to open the cage while the pet dog seems confused by the woman's behaviour. However, the woman seems to be least bothered and enjoying her stay inside the cage.

As it appears, getting tired of being a mom, the woman decided to take a break from her responsibilities for some time.

The video shared on X (formerly Twitter) by The Figen has gone viral on social media. The caption for the post reads, "Moms need time alone too." (sic)

Well, the video has garnered massive views and likes. Even the comments section is flooded with statements sharing a similar thought.

One user wrote, "Absolutely! Self-care is important for everyone, including moms. Take that time for yourself, you deserve it!"

A second user wrote, "It's so funny, Mom's time but with a see-through cage to watch. She looks like a good mom. Shout out to all the great moms." (sic)

"Moms deserve a break from the chaos of family life. Enjoy!" wrote another user. (sic)

Of course, parenting is not easy and it is never easy for a mother to handle kids and pets while handling other responsibilities. They even get tired and need some time to rejuvenate. Being in solitude will help them to get recharged and lower their stress. Even it helps in increasing productivity and creativity.

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