Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Bringing a pet to home is quite easy but it is not easy on everybody's part to become a pet parent. All animals deserve to be happy and taken care of with love. Just spending money on their health or facilitating other arrangements is even not enough. Pet parents need to be alert about their pets all the time.

Pet parents cannot even afford to be inattentive as a small mistake can kill the animal. Remaining alert while taking pets out for a stroll or playing is also essential for all. Even pet parents need to educate their children on the rules for taking proper care of their pets.

Here we bring a video that shows a courageous boy saving the life of his pet dog after committing a mistake.

In the video, a boy can be seen walking into the elevator with his dog. The dog walks inside with its leash scrolling on the floor. Being absent-minded, the boy forgets to pull the leash of the dog inside the elevator. 
The boy remains busy gazing at the mirror inside the elevator while the dog walks in unaware of the probable threat.

Soon the door of the elevator closes and it starts moving. However, the leash remains outside the door as a result the dog gets pulled up. At first, the boy is shocked but gathering courage he instantly holds the leash and hangs with its pet. Due to overload, the leash breaks and the boy saves the dog.

Biliyor Muydunuz shared the video on Twitter with a caption reading: Argentina speaks to this little hero. The 11-year-old boy, who was riding the elevator with his dog, forgot the dog's leash outside, realized his mistake, and with great courage saved his dog like this… (sic)

Along with garnering massive views, the video has gone viral on social media. Meanwhile, netizens went on to shower praises on the courageous boy for saving the dog’s life.