Soumya Prakash Pradhan

This year's Valentine's Day is over, but the lovebirds continue to celebrate their special moments by sharing videos on social media.

One recent viral video captured the heartfelt efforts of a girl as she arranged a surprise day for her boyfriend, culminating in a particularly touching gift.

The video, titled 'Unboxing my Valentine’s gift', features a couple named Saurabh & Pragati. It starts with Saurabh, blindfolded, being led by his friend into his girlfriend's decorated room.

Pragati surprises him with flowers and a warm hug. The room is beautifully adorned with candles, a cake, and roses on the table.

They share a joyful moment cutting the cake together, and then Pragati presents Saurabh with his gifts: a Batman t-shirt, a regular t-shirt, and white jeans.

The highlight occurs when Saurabh opens the final gift, unveiling a pair of underwear adorned with Pragati's picture and a playful message inscribed on it.

In the center of the underwear, there's a picture of Pragati hugging, with the inscription, 'I liked it... So it’s Mine.' 

At that moment, when Saurabh reads it, he laughs, and then they hug each other again, concluding the video.

The video, shared under the usernames of @diamondshinelovee, has garnered immense attention on social media, amassing over 1.2 million views and thousands of shares and likes.

Comments flooded in from netizens, ranging from humorous to curious and even jealous.

Some joked about family members not seeing such displays of affection while others teased about the significance of the inscribed message on the underwear.

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Despite the varied reactions, the love between Saurabh and Pragati shines through, making their video a heartwarming sensation on social media.