Soumya Prakash Pradhan

In India, the marriage process is traditionally beautiful. In this custom, the boy's family visits the girl's house to meet her and discuss whether both families are interested in the marriage.

If the girl's family agrees, they also visit the boy's house. After some discussions and finalisations, gifts are exchanged, and the boy's side visits the girl's house again. During this visit, the boy gets to see the girl, and various rituals take place. 

Recently, a heart-warming video went viral on the internet depicting one such occasion. In the video, the boy and his family enter the girl's house, and when the boy sees the girl, they exchange smiles.

Some kids from the girl's side eagerly watch the boy, and suddenly, both the boy and the girl share a shy yet affectionate moment.

The girl gives a kiss gesture with her smile, and the boy responds with a shy smile and a wink. This adorable interaction captured the hearts of viewers worldwide.

The video, shared by the girl Lavnya on Instagram, received immense attention, garnering 31 million views, 1.8 million likes, and thousands of comments.

Lavnya captioned the video with, "He has no idea how beautiful he is in my eyes 😩💎🤌". Users flooded the comments section with expressions of delight and affection.

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One user commented, "I'm not going to laugh at this cuteness 😂❤️", while another expressed, "Is there anyone who smiled after seeing this? 😍😍".

Many others echoed similar sentiments, describing the video as "so cute 🥰🥰🥰".