Rashmi Rekha Das

How do you react if you survive a plane crash? As obvious, you must make an emergency call to your dear ones to inform about your well-being.  Meet an exceptional couple who used their phone to take a selfie after surviving a disastrous plane crash. And their bizarre act has perplexed the internet.

A LATAM Airlines plane taking off from the airport in Peru's capital Lima caught fire when it struck a fire truck on the runway. Though all the 120 passengers aboard the plane along with the airline crew survived the disastrous accident, the plane crash claimed two lives. Firefighters, who were there on the runway, were killed on the spot.

Soon after the tragedy, a couple who escaped the accident unhurt shared a selfie with the damaged aircraft on social media to celebrate their survival.  

Enrique Varsi-Rospigliosi, who is one of the survivors of the air crash, shared the image on the micro-blogging site.  In the photo, Enrique and his wife can be seen smiling while covered in a white, chalky fire suppressant chemical, clearly relieved that they survived the accident.  

His caption read: "When life gives you a second chance #latam." 

The photo has gone viral on social media. While some congratulated the couple on their survival and others ridiculed them for taking selfie with the ill-fated plane and when the mishap claimed two lives. 

One user wrote, “I find it so bizarre, in a neutral way, that people take selfies after surviving tragedies. I probably would do the same, feel the urge to document the experience. And the rest of us get to peek into such situations thanks to these pictures. It gives me such a weird feeling.” 

Another wrote, “In those moments of tragedy, those who leave their lives just want to share the miracle of...Living!' one person wrote under the selfie.

“It's quite opportune, so your family knows that even though it happened, they're okay. It is opportune that although every day there are tragedies, we have the courage to celebrate life. It is opportune to celebrate that the opportunity that another was denied to them was granted. It's timely,” stated an user. 

“The guy has just been saved from certain death and obviously what can he celebrate, everyone could have died on that plane but you come with your indignation to treat him as insensitive? Who the hell do you think you are, stupid, to make yourself a champion of morality, clown!” posted another.