Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

In this social media age, it is quite easy for any news/photos/videos to go viral if it meets the interest of online users. Active social media users usually come across different videos on a daily basis. While some are funny and interesting, others can be informative and shocking. 

Here we bring a video that shows a college boy romancing two girls at a time on the streets. However, the consequences after the trio got spotted will leave you rolling on floors, laughing.

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In the video, a boy in his college uniform is seen hugging a girl in uniform while they are standing in a lane. While their scooter is parked close to them, another girl in uniform is also seen standing near them. 

Leaving the first girl, the boy turns to the second one and pulls her close. He also lifts her up and the duo starts moving in a circular motion. Meanwhile, the first girl is seen standing and gazing at the duo. 

While the trio was on the streets, the incident is being captured by a person standing on the balcony of a building. 

After landing the second girl on the ground, the boy lifts up the first girl.

As soon as he brings the girl down, a person from the balcony of the building pours down a bucket of water on the college boy and girls. 

After getting drenched, the girls start running while the boy runs away while pushing the scooter. While running, the person who poured water throws slippers at the college boy. 

The video shared on Instagram by legend_balak_77 has triggered a laugh riot among netizens.

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