Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Live streaming videos on social media has become a trend. Be it on Instagram or Facebook or any other platform, live streaming has become the most effective way of drawing the attention of others which can increase the number of followers as well as likes.

If you have ever joined any live stream, you must have come across some bullies who use abusive words and give derogatory remarks to the live streamer. The only option for many live streamers is to ignore those. 

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However, a college girl from Odisha has avenged a boy for using abusive words when she went live on social media. 

As seen in the video, the annoyed college girl is holding a boy by his collar and threatening him. 

The girl yells, “Why did you write abusive words in live video?”

To this, the boy replies, “I have made a mistake. I am sorry.”

Not in the mood to accept the apology, the girl smacks his face and says, “How should you say sorry to your seniors. I have screenshots of the same. Shall I show those?”

While the girl continues yelling at him, the boy requests her not to record the incident and make it viral. 

However, the girl seems to be in a mood to listen to his requests and says, “Why shouldn’t I make the video viral?”

The girl continues, “What do you think of me. You don’t know how to respect a girl,” and lifts her slippers to hit him.

The video shared on Twitter by Arhant Shelby has by now garnered over 12K views with netizens flooding hilarious comments.

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