Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

India is a land of cultural diversity with people of different religions, races and traditions residing together. There are several age-old traditions practiced in India. Especially, in Hinduism, there are several traditions practiced from ancient times.

Hindus consider it a sin to harm or kill snakes, especially on Nag Panchami. On this special occasion, snakes are treated with respect and devotion. People offer milk to idols or pictures of cobras and even in real. But, have you ever seen or heard of people celebrating the birthday of any snake?

Though sounds amusing, a group of people celebrated birthday of a cobra and the video of the celebration has taken the internet by storm.

In the video, the group of people in an open field can be seen clapping and singing a song. At the same time, the cobra can be seen with its erected hood. Moreover, a cake can be seen near the cobra.

A man from the group takes the lead and puts his hand on the cobra’s hood. Suddenly, he presses the hood onto the cake and keeps the reptile in the same position for a moment.

The group of people can be heard wishing the snake happy birthday.

The video shared on Twitter by Vishweshwar Bhat has gone viral on social media garnering massive views. Moreover, the video has triggered several hilarious comments from netizens.

One user wrote, “100 years for Snake” (sic)

Another wrote, “I think they are celebrating naag panchami” (sic)

“Leaving out cake, it's an amazing sight how friendly those ppl r to the beauty! Truly feels like the Indian way of life!,” wrote a third user. (sic)