Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

The incidents of dogs attacking humans, especially children, are getting quite frequent these days. Either in a pack or individual, dogs attack humans for some or the other reason. Either being provoked or feeling threatened or hungry, dogs turn violent and attack humans. It is easier for dogs to attack children as they are weak and can't defend themselves. Whatever the reason is, such incidents have emerged as a matter of concern for all as several reports have surfaced about children getting mauled to death.

Various such incidents have come to the fore in which dogs violently attack children. Either they leave children grievously injured or maul them to death. A few such disturbing videos get captured on CCTV. Luckily, in a few incidents, children escape unhurt or with small injuries.

Recently one such video emerged on social media in which a kid escaped from getting mauled to death by a violent stray dog. However, the kid's saviour is a brave cat and not any human. 

Though sounds surprising, the kid escaped the attack due to the alert and brave cat. 

As seen in the video, the black dog chases a cat. However, the cat hides under a four-wheeler. Meanwhile, the kid can be seen standing in front of a house watching the dog and cat fight. Suddenly, the dog turns back and starts walking fast. But, surprisingly, it turns towards the kid and starts attacking. While the frightened kid yells loud, the dog continues its attack. 

Suddenly, a cat runs towards the dog and attacks it. As it seems, the same cat attacked the dog to take its revenge. Leaving the kid, the dog attacks the cat. However, the cat smartly escapes the attack and flees the spot. On the other hand, a woman runs near the child to ensure safety. As the dog flees the spot, several other people walk to the child.

The video shared on X (formerly known as Twitter) by Real Untold Story with a caption reading, "Brave cat steps in to rescue a child in danger," (sic) has gone viral on social media. Though the original source of the video couldn't be verified, it has garnered massive views.