Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Several distressing visuals circulate on social media soon after any natural disaster event strikes. Natural disaster events like flooding, earthquake, cyclone, lightning, volcanic activities, wildfire and tsunami cause loss of life and extensive property damage.

Recently, a disturbing visual surfaced on social media that shows a bus with passengers on board getting swept away in raging flood waters while crossing a swollen river.

As per reports, the horrifying incident took place in Savaii in Samoa Islands. In the video, the swollen river can be seen flowing over a bridge. Meanwhile, the bus tries to cross the flooded river. However, after reaching the middle of the bridge, the driver loses control of the vehicle and maintains its course. The bus begins to lurch to the side of the road and gets swept away by the water current. The bus falls into a ditch and gets submerged in the water.

As reported by the UK-based Dailymail, the tragic incident took place in 2013 and two girls aged five and 12 were killed. Several other passengers suffered broken bones and other serious injuries in the incident. The injured were rushed to a hospital on the island.  

Everyone is advised to remain cautious and act smartly during hazardous events. A wrong move can trigger immense trouble resulting in fatal consequences.

The old video has once again surfaced on social media while heavy rainfall battered several North Indian states causing huge property damages and fatalities.