Soumya Prakash Pradhan

The jungle king is the lion, as everyone knows. However, some other animals also possess the power to challenge the lion and win in fights.

Lions can sometimes act as prey, and not all animals are predators, as a viral video has convincingly shown. 

This viral video was shared on the social media platform 'X,' and it features a remarkable incident where a buffalo fought back and defeated two attacking lions. Tourists on a safari vehicle captured this incredible moment.

In the video, a buffalo is captured in a life-or-death showdown with two lions. One of the lions is focused on the buffalo's neck, while the other is aiming for its tail.

The buffalo responds with remarkable agility, employing swift manoeuvres to shake off the relentless predators.

After a rigid struggle, it successfully repels the lions, utilising its formidable horns to ward off one of them.

The buffalo then redirects its attention toward the safari vehicle, charging towards it with powerful horn thrusts. In a surprising twist, the buffalo compels the lions to hastily retreat from the scene.

Before the lions make their escape, the buffalo once again targets the safari vehicle with its menacing horns.

The video ends with the buffalo seeking refuge in a nearby pond, leaving one of the lions to watch from a distance.

This scene highlights the incredible strength of wildlife.

The viral video has generated significant attention on the internet, with people reacting to it.

One user commented, "Those who try never lose," while another said, "The jeep got what it deserved."

Someone else mentioned the paradox of loving nature but disliking the suffering predators cause, and another user humorously commented, "The buffalo used its horns for a good reason because these lions were bothering buffalo here, and you guys are filming them on your mobiles."