Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Celebrations, colourful decorations, music, and dance are the essential elements of Indian weddings. Families, relatives, friends, and guests participate to witness this lifetime event that unites two persons and their families. However, this lifetime event is colourless without any drama. 

As a guest, you must have witnessed small to high-voltage drama at marriages. While some brides/grooms call off their marriages on the mandap (stage), some actions trigger awkward moments. Even fights at wedding venues are quite common. 

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However, the celebrations turn gloomy and distressing when a bride/groom calls off her/his marriage. Social media has become the medium through which such reports are nowadays getting easily viral. 

Here we bring a video in which a bride threw away her ‘barmala’ garland and refused to tie the knot. 

In the video, both, the groom and the bride are seen on the stage together. While the groom is sitting on a chair, the bride is standing beside him. In the meantime, a girl can be seen asking the bride about the matter that she is sitting. To this the bride reacts furiously and says, “What happened! Ask what didn’t happen?”

Meanwhile, another man standing away from the camera frame asks, “What is the issue? Groom is quite good, he has a job.”

To this, the bride replies, “What will I do if he has a job? This old man (groom) has no teeth and no vigour. How will I remain happy with him, I won’t get anything from him. I won’t marry him.” After saying this, she pulls out her garland and throws it at the groom.

Pointing towards the groom, the bride continues, “You search for a bride of your age, I won’t marry you.” While the groom reacts in a quite distressing way, the man away from the camera can be heard saying, “Will you bring dishonour to the family.”

To this, the bride replies, “If I marry this old man, your honour and glory will be restored.” 

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While the family members present near the mandap are seen trying to convince the girl, she seems to be in no mood to listen to anyone.

Well, this is a scripted video and has triggered hilarious comments from the netizens. However, the video has served an important social message of not forcing a girl to marry any man with a huge age gap. 

Though the original source of the video is unknown, it was shared on Twitter by Jaiky Yadav and has garnered over 620K views.