Poonam Singh

The chart-topping number Bijlee Bijlee featuring Hardy Sandhu and Palak Tiwari continues to captivate fans ever since its release. From a video of a Korean girl dancing to it to a kid performing energetically to the hit track, numerous videos show people grooving to this immensely popular song. Adding to the long list, a bride grooved to the track on her sangeet ceremony. Expectedly, the video has gone viral online and prompted many to leave their thoughts.

During the sangeet ceremony, the bride can be seen dancing energetically to the popular song which had taken the internet by storm after its release. The video shows the bride, decked up in metallic lavender gown and jewellery, dancing to the beats of ‘Bijlee Bijlee’. Her moves and on-point expressions are too good to miss. 

While the highlight of her performance was her groom joining towards the end of her performance.

Watch the video right here:

Since being shared six days ago, the video has accumulated over 82.5K views, and the numbers are still increasing. The share has also prompted many to leave their thoughts in the comments section.

Here’s how people reacted to the video:

“kya baat hai - superb !!!,” posted an individual. Another added, “I’m watching this on loop.” “Groom is way too awestruck to dance with his beautiful bride,” expressed a third.