Cassian Baliarsingh

Indian weddings are happy occasions with celebrations, laughter, fun, dance, music and many more memorable moments. It has become a trend to include Bollywood dance numbers during weddings.

Meanwhile, a bride took her wedding celebrations to a whole new level with her incredible surprise dance performance for her groom. Her dance moves, expressions and timing are the best thing you will see today.

The beautiful bride enthralled everyone in attendance and made a lasting impression on everyone including the guests, relatives and also the groom. The groom was so happy that he can be seen hooting for the bride as she dances in a magnificent 9 kg lehenga.

Sharing the video, the bride wrote, “He had no idea I was going to surprise him with this dance. I had no idea how I was going to pull of my moves in a 9kg lehenga.”

“Wanted a song with words that conveyed my feelings for my brown eyed man, who I have happily moved continents & worlds to be with (read: Jahan teri nazar le jaye re prem nagar). & I had decided I’m going to do this surprise dance right after sitting for my bridal mehendi which takes 4 hours to complete ( yeah I wasn’t thinking straight),” she added.

“It was a cold Chandigarh winter evening .. I had knee braces on .. my mehendi took forever.. but seeing his face light up as he got up clapping so loud after seeing me on stage gave me that instant joy & energy I needed to dance like this… There are truly some moments in life that feel so divine, almost like a fairytale.. & this is always going to be that moment for us,” she further wrote. 

The video has gone viral with millions of views and thousands of comments from her fans and followers.