Poonam Singh

Indian wedding is full of drama, humour, and suspense. It's an extravaganza of rituals and you can expect a 'desi shaadi' to provide you all that amusements and more. Wedding videos where the bride and groom are a part of funny antics or pranks are always fun to watch. 

Recently, a hilarious video has gone viral on social media, wherein the bride’s sister can be seen pranking the groom on the wedding stage. However, what happens next leaves everyone in attendance in splits.

It's a known fact that brother-in-law (jija) and sister-in-law (saali) relationship is a unique one and there is always room for a bit of banter. And of course, fun and pranks are a must at the wedding. However, during this particular wedding, saali’s prank on the groom didn’t materialize rather she had to face embarrassment.

The viral video shows the groom sitting on the wedding stage with his friends after reaching the marriage venue when the bride’s sister comes to the stage with a tray full of different coloured refreshment drinks. When the groom’s friend tried taking the drink from the tray, the saali said that he can’t take it and asked the groom to drink without using his hand. As the groom’s friend and his sister-in-law bickered he was watching them. 

However, the very next second the sister-in-law fell off the chair she was sitting with the glass kept on the plate. 

Seeing this, the groom and his friend burst into laughter. The girl was quite embarrassed as people present on the stage were busy laughing instead of lifting her.

The video was shared on Instagram by a user named mr_praharaj_07. So far, over 2.8 million people have viewed the video and hundreds of netizens have commented on it. 

One user wrote, “Ye galat h kaise sab has rahe ye bahot hi galat h.” Another wrote, “Anyway jokes apart! Really feeling bad for her!!" A third user jokingly said, “Shadiyu me jo log apne ap ko oversmart samjhte h unke sath aisa he hota h Guys.”