Poonam Singh

Every bride wants to look her best on her big day with a beautiful outfit, matching accessories, jewelleries and lastly a perfect makeup look. Makeup enhances a bride's beauty and her bridal look. However, for this bride, her bridal makeover turned disastrous. It not only ruined her face but also her marriage as the groom cancelled the wedding after seeing her condition.

According to an India Today report, ahead of her wedding, a young woman had gone to a local beauty parlour for her makeover. However, after the makeup, her face turned black and swollen.

The bride's face was disfigured due to the harmful effects of chemicals in some of the prasad materials used for make-up.

The incident was reported from the Arasikere town in Karnataka’s Hassan district. 

The young lady was later admitted to hospital as her condition worsened. Later, when the groom came about the incident, he cancelled the marriage. 

Meanwhile, the bride’s family has registered a police complaint against the owner of the beauty parlour. The police have reportedly summoned the owner.