Poonam Singh

It’s the wedding season, and all sorts of funny, strange and bizarre incidents are coming to the fore. In one such incidents reported from Uttarakhand’s Haldwani, a bride refused to marry a man during the garland ceremony as he turned up drunk at the wedding.

The groom and several of his friends and relatives were under the influence of alcohol and created ruckus after reaching the wedding venue.

According to a report by News18, the bride refused to marry the groom after he complained about food preparation and demanded money for his friends’ party. He also demanded Rs 5 lakh cash and a car for marriage right before the ‘pheras’.

Reportedly, the marriage of the groom, a resident of Bithoria area of Haldwani was fixed with bride of Haldwani city. Their wedding ceremony was to take place in a hall located on Gas Godam Road. 

However, on the wedding day, the groom reached the venue with his baaratis, who were under influence of alcohol. After reaching the banquet hall, they created ruckus over food quality, following which the groom who was also intoxicated demanded money from the bride’s family for his friends' party. He then asked for Rs 5 lakh cash and a car.

The bride’s family tried to resolve the matter and they expressed their displeasure over this. The girl's side clearly said that all these things were not said when the marriage was fixed, but the drunken groom was adamant and not ready to accept it.

The bride's family tried to persuade a lot but the uproar continued following which the bride refused to marry the groom. The bride’s family fully supported her decision. The groom then had to return to his home without marriage.

Meanwhile, the station in charge of Mukhani police station, Ramesh Bora said he received a verbal complaint in this regard, but there is no written complaint from the bride or the groom's family. 

Reportedly, both sides entered into a mutual agreement. The bride's family reportedly demanded compensation from the groom's side for the expenses incurred in the wedding preparations, and the groom's family agreed to the demand.